Lockdown, websites and puddles

Posted on October 25, 2020, in: Uncategorized

Well, lockdown is hear again and we are forced to shut the pop up shop for two weeks, with the kids off on half term anyway, I am taking it as an opportunity to spend time with them and update the website, with over 100 new variations to go on, it could be awhile!

Very sadly we have recently lost one of our beloved Jack Russels, Perky, who was my Husbands dog before we met, but very much the house dog this last 4 years, he was a cracking little chap and we miss him dearly, the house is very quiet without him. We have buried him in the garden next to the Apple tree that HRH Prince Charles planted when he was here, so we know he will never be disturbed.

Oh glorious puddle, wonderful playmate, annoyance of parents across the land, what would we do without you to entertain us!

Its certainly damper than I would like, with a stockroom and shop located in a 400 year old barn, we are lucky to be if not insulated, at least sturdily covered.

As we eake out the final days of Autumn, the cows are still out and we hope to make it to the 1st of November, before they go into the barns, we can usually stretch a few weeks more out by letting them out in the day time, sometimes in a dry year we can get to Christmas before we shut them in, being very fortunate to have a free draining farm (on the side of a hill helps) that faces the rising sun.

I was recently on BBC Radio 4`s Farming programme, discussing leather as a by product, I was thrilled, and nervous, to be asked, but its such an emotive subject and one I feel very strongly about, and about my cattle, and farming in general, so I was very pleased to be involved, I`ve also heard a rumour we are going to be in one or two glossy gift guides this coming season.

Here I will leave you with hopeful thoughts for a dry winter and a reopening of the on farm pop up shop, where you can view our entire collection of Leather, hair on hide, Country (Tweed, Hiraeth, Brights) accessories, sheepskins and hides

You can keep in touch via email, Instagram (@hayleyhanson_gb) or call us on 01874 754 211, we are currently updating the website with lots of new products, so if you cant find what your looking for, please call us so we can help you as best as we can.

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