How to care for your Hayley Hanson bag

Posted on September 12, 2020, in: Uncategorized

Leather – Our leather is simple and easy to care for, it will arrive with you ready protected, but we recommend frequent spraying with a leather protector, the one we recommend is called “Out and about waterproofing spray” which is available from Amazon, and frequently, Aldi. We have tried ALL the leather protectors out there, and this one is the best for not only protecting, but not changing the colour of our leather, and also not smelling horrible!

To apply, simply hold your Hayley Hanson item at arm’s length and spray until the leather turns “wet”, don’t worry the colour will come back to its normal colour as it dries, leave to dry naturally.

Most stains can be removed with soap and a soft brush or sponge (don’t use a nail brush it may scratch the leather), please do contact us if you have any queries, unscented baby wipes will also remove most day to day marks.

Fabric – All the fabrics we use are stain resistant, including our tweeds and boucle fabrics, all the waxed cottons are naturally stain resistant and  the dry wax cottons. Most mud based stains should be left to dry then brushed off, some of our bags can be washed on your lowest machine setting (we know this as a customer’s dog once did a pee on her bag and that was the only option!) reshaped and allowed to dry naturally if it is essential, though we do not recommend doing this on a day to day basis

Hide – Our beautiful hides are naturally water repellent and stain repellent, mud can be allowed to dry and brushed off, if you get something like chewing gum stuck to it, freeze the bag and crack it off. Leather binding and straps can be treated the same as above. It’s fine to hoover the hide.

Interior lining – if the interior lining need a spruce up, turn the bag inside out, or pull the lining out, shake it out well, its fine to use a hoover on it, any stains can be removed with your usual detergent and a soft brush, but only use the tiniest bit.

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