ANNUAL SALE launches 1st APRIL

Posted on March 25, 2021, in: Uncategorized

Hurray, its that time of year again, our annual sale is going live ad midday on April the 1st 2021, we have some absolute steals for you, with some products up to half price, AND as you know we NEVER discount our leather and hide goods (its just to precious) but….lets be honest this last year has been a little trying at times, and with work places starting to open back up, there may be one or two “back to work” bags in hide in the sale, as a special treat to you all!

Fresh off the back of this news, we are also launching our 2021 charity raffle on April the 1st too, there’s a beautiful prize AND the chance to help this wonderful charity, for just £2.50 a ticket, so please do add one in with your sale shop!

Its been a very peaceful time the last two weeks with all the children back in school, probably the most productive two weeks I’ve had all year!

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