Single sheepskins all colours


Our whole collection of sheepskins, each individually priced and sized and numbered, from super fluffy icelandic to small natives.

If you cant see what you would like, or would like a specific colour, please do get in touch.

Our Sheepskins come from England, Scotland and Wales, Germany and Iceland, Poland, depending on the breed

Sizes are the widest point by the longest point of the underneath, but do NOT include the length of the wool, so please allow for fluffyness!

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1 PALE GREY, 10 WHITE black tipps Mouflon, 11 WHITE black tips Mouflon, 12 PRETTY SECONDS tinged, 13 Brown tipped Mouflon, 14 Brown tipped Mouflon, 15 SECOND wonky shape Brown tipped Mouflon, 16 Dark tipped Mouflon, 17 Dark tipped Mouflon, 18 Brown Mouflon, 19 LARGE Icelandic brown tipps, 2 COBALT BLUE, 20 LARGE brown tipped Mouflon, 21 Natural Brown, 22 DARK Natural brown, 23 DARK brown natural, 24 Natural brown soft, 25 Natural White, 3 BLACK/CHESNUT, 4 BLACK GREY WHITE, 5 NATURAL PRETTY SECONDS tinged, 6 NATURAL PRETTY SECONDS tinged, 7 WHITE ICELANDIC With black, 8 BLACK, 9 BLACK WHITE GREY